MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Each Other

19. Blogging


  • Read Blogging for Creatives: How Designers, Artists, Crafters and Writers Can Blog to Make Contacts, Win Business and Build Success by Robin Houghton.
  • Choose your topic. Pick something you are passionate about.


  • Start your blog. Find a blogging host that works for you, or host your own.
  • Pick out a name, and publish your first post.
  • Don’t forget to add your blog to MaryJanesFarm’s


  • Learn how to add pictures and customize your blog.
  • Publish at least 10 posts along with photos.
  • Network! Create a blogging circle by visiting other blogs, writing comments, and leaving your blog’s address so they can visit you, also. Remember, building a blog and finding readers takes time. Be patient and have fun.

(The book required for this badge is available on loan from MaryJanesFarm; e-mail

April, 2024 Edition