MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Each Other

28. Differing Abilities


  • The object of this badge is to eschew marginalization and embrace inclusiveness. Adopt a vocabulary that reflects this attitude. For more information, visit
  • Become aware of people in your community who are dealing with disabilities. Share with us some permanent and temporary conditions you learned about that can make it challenging to carry out daily activities.


  • Identify whether places in your community that say they are accessible are functional for people with disabilities. If not, what further modifications could be made to make these areas accessible?
  • Identify areas in your own home that might be difficult to use if someone in your family were injured.
  • Do you know a person who is living with medical conditions that challenge them? How can you make them feel more welcome?
  • How does what you've learned affect how you react to people around you who might need assistance?


  • Make a change in your home or in someone else's home that will make it more accessible. This could be as elaborate as putting in a ramp, or as simple as installing grab bars in a shower or bathtub.
  • Share what you've accomplished and how it's helped someone around you. Take photos to share, if possible.

April, 2024 Edition