MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Each Other

14. Farmgirl Shutterbugs

Beginner Level

  • Research the following terms and how they relate to photography: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO (film speed), depth of field, framing, rule of thirds, and leading lines.
  • Take at least 20 photos that demonstrate how you are living the farmgirl lifestyle and share some of them on our Farmgirl Connection chatroom or create an online photo album on a photo-sharing site.

Intermediate Level

  • Look up some famous photographers and find one whose style you prefer. Take at least 50 photos emulating your chosen photographer’s style and technique.
  • Pick your 10 best photos to share and discuss how you emulated your chosen photographer with your local Farmgirl Chapter or upload them to a photo-sharing site and post links on our Farmgirl Connection chatroom.
  • Read a basic book on photography techniques.

Expert Level

  • Volunteer to take photos of a school event, community activity, or family reunion/get together. Take at least 100 photos, including at least 20 candid shots.
  • Convert at least 12 photos into postcards or a calendar.
  • If you are a member of a Farmgirl Chapter, share what you have learned with your group. If you don’t belong to a Farmgirl Chapter, post your thoughts and experiences behind the lens on our Farmgirl Connection chatroom. Provide tips on how to take better photos.
  • Read a current book on advanced photography techniques.

July, 2010 Edition