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29. International Civics Challenge

Research a government other than the United States and learn the answers to the following questions:


  • What is the current form of government of this nation?
  • What is the general structure of the government (for example, does it have individual governing entities at localized levels, or is it one governing body)?
  • Identify the basic doctrines and ruling bodies of this government.
  • What is the economic system in this government and who are its international trade partners?


  • Identify the major parts of this government and how they work together.
  • Are there elected officials? If so, identify the primary positions and their term lengths.
  • How are laws created in this government?
  • How are laws enforced in this government?


  • When was this government established?
  • How does this government view individual rights and civil issues?
  • What were the significant historical events that led to the institution of this government?
  • What forms of government existed before the current government?

April, 2024 Edition