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Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Each Other

17. Know Your Roots


  • Sit down with your oldest living relative and ask them to share what they remember about your family history. If you can, videotape or record the interview so you can use it as a reference, and also a chance to capture some fond memories. (If you’re fortunate to have two of your elders present, interview them both, since their shared memories will likely stir up others they may not have remembered on their own.)
  • If you are the oldest member of your family, allow one of the younger members to interview you, and see what you can discover together.


  • Now that you have some information, use resources available through the National Archives to gain further information about your family history.


  • Host a family reunion and possibly invite a newly discovered relative. Share the fruits of your research with your family at the reunion.

April, 2024 Edition