MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Farm Kitchen

3. ChillOver ComeOver


  • Order MaryJane’s ChillOver Powder.
  • Explore some of the ChillOver recipes found in MaryJane's Ideabook.
  • Host a ChillOver taste test. Have your fellow farmgirls or neighbors or family create ChillOvers together and make an evening out of learning new recipes.


  • Create a new ChillOver recipe and share it on the Farmgirl Connection chatroom.


  • Create two additional new ChillOver recipes and present them online in the Farmgirl Connection chatroom under Merit Badge Chit Chat.

(The book required for this badge is available on loan from MaryJanesFarm; e-mail

April, 2024 Edition