MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Garden Gate

16. Water Management


  • Research the benefits of planting native plants and list three you could add to your garden.
  • Identify the type of soil you have and how this affects your watering practices.
  • Research the best times to water to minimize water loss.
  • What is deep watering? Is this something that would work for your garden?


  • Research soil quality and its effect on water absorption and retention. Name two ways you can improve your soil quality.
  • Why is mulching your garden integral to soil water retention? Which materials are best for mulching?
  • Which ground covers are best for your area/soil type for water retention?


  • Why are drip lines an efficient way to water? Is this something that could fit into your garden landscape?
  • Research the various rain/runoff water-collection and/or water-redirection methods. Would any of these methods work for your space?
  • Finally, choose at least three of the methods researched in any level of this badge and use them to better manage and reduce your garden water consumption.

April, 2024 Edition