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Make It Easy

14. Emergency Preparedness


  • Determine the types of emergencies that you and your family are most likely to face. Be sure to look at emergencies that only affect you, as well as emergencies that can affect your local community.
  • Make a plan with your family on how to respond to likely emergencies such as fire, flood, earthquakes, and severe weather.


  • Create an emergency kit that will last for 72 hours. There are numerous online resources with lists of supplies needed for this kit.
  • Fill out emergency contact cards for each member of your family to store in wallets, purses, backpacks, etc ...


  • Convert your 72-hour kit into an easy-to-pack kit in case of evacuation.
  • Make a "shelter in place" kit which has enough supplies for 2 weeks and stays in your home.

April, 2014 Edition