MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

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Make it Easy

18. Leatherworking


  • Research leatherworking tools and supplies and their uses. What is an awl blade used for? Which tools are best for cutting leather? What type of cutting mat is best?
  • Share with us the types of leatherworking projects you'd like to do and which tools you'll need to complete your desired projects.
  • Learn about the best ways to maintain your leatherworking tools.


  • Research tanning and finishing methods and the results of each. What's the difference between tooling veg-tan and milled veg-tan?
  • Learn about leather weights and the types of projects different weights are used for.
  • Research the fundamentals of working with leather. What is stamping? What is casing leather? What is the best way to store your project when you aren't working on it?
  • Learn about the best ways to care for and maintain leather goods. Tell us something you learned.


  • Make a leatherworking project you'll find useful day-to-day. Examples include, but aren't limited to: gloves, wallet, purse, or horse tack.
  • Share your project and what you learned in the process with your farmgirl Chapter or on the chatroom. Take photos to share, if possible.

April, 2024 Edition