MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges


11. Glamping

Beginner Level

  • Go on a search in your house for items you could use to “glam” up an outdoor tent and/or canopy.
  • Further your search by visiting any local thrift shops for items you could use. Think glamour, girlie, thrifty, and things that will withstand the weather.
  • Set up a tent or canopy in your yard and glam it up to suit your fancy. Take pictures and share them on the Farmgirl Connection.

Intermediate Level

  • Read MaryJane’s new book, Glamping with MaryJane, and look for ideas to implement on your next adventure. (The book required for this badge is available on loan from MaryJanesFarm; contact
  • Invite your girlfriends over for a “backyard glamping” event. Invite them to come for an evening for a cookout and girl time around a fire (if possible), or something similar. Make it an overnight stay for those who can participate.
  • Prepare a snack/appetizer for your girlfriends and print or write the recipe on cards to send home with them.

Expert Level

  • Take it on the road! Take your “glamping” setup to another location, whether it be an established campground, out in the backwoods, to the beach, or to a friend’s ranch or farm. Invite your girlfriends to join you for a getaway to unplug, relax, and have some girl fun!
  • Come up with a repurpose/recycle/upcycle project for your “glampsite.”
  • Plan an easy but fun and creative craft project for your “glamping girlfriend” guests to work on together during your getaway.
  • Take pictures of your guests, your projects, and your glampsite and share them on the Farmgirl Connection.

January, 2013 Edition