MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

Stitching & Crafting

14. Spinning


  • Get your hands on some wool fiber and learn to card it. Card fibers while watching a movie or reading a book (extra points if it’s a fiber-themed one). Learn to spin with your fingers. If you already know how to spin, teach someone to spin with the fingers or a simple spindle.


  • Learn different ways of preparing fiber for spinning. Learn to spin with a simple spindle like a drop spindle. Spin two or more balls of single-ply yarn. Learn to ply different kinds of yarn together to make a novelty yarn. Learn how to set the twist in your yarns.
  • There is a 20-hour time commitment for this badge. Once you’re feeling confident with your spinning, teach a friend or a Farmerette what you’ve learned.


  • Ply your yarn and learn to spin a balanced yarn. Spin enough yarn to give to a friend who knits or crochets. Learn to spin different fibers like angora and silk. For a challenge, try something slippery or with a short fiber length or a bast fiber. Give your jealous knitting friends handspun skeins. Spin at least three skeins with different plies. There is a 40-hour time commitment for this badge.
  • Host a spinning party to raise awareness for fiber skills. Invite your farmgirl Sisters to join you for storytelling and to spin a few good yarns.

April, 2024 Edition