MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Each Other

1. Let’s Go To Town

Beginner Level

  • Visit your local library to sign up for a library card of your own.
  • Request a schedule of activities the library has for people your age.

Intermediate Level

  • Research the history of your community or county. Is your community famous for anything? Is there anyone famous or notorious in its history? Where do the local names come from?
  • Prepare a presentation of some of the most interesting facts, and share them with your family, a school or homeschool club, a local Farmgirl Chapter, or a Young Cultivators group.

Expert Level

  • Attend at least three separate events at the library, or through any other community programs or clubs, such as after-school programs, community enrichment, or other social clubs that your community offers. Open yourself up to new things and new friends.
  • If you are an older student and no programs are available, ask one of these groups what you can do to help them. Then, donate a total of at least one hour helping out. You could even play a role in organizing a local event for kids your age!

January, 2010 Edition