MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Each Other

2. Thank you!

Beginner Level

  • Write or draw in a gratitude journal daily for two weeks.

Intermediate Level

  • Express your gratitude in a letter or a drawing to the public servants of your town, such as the police, firefighters, your mail carrier, your dentist or a doctor, or someone else you know who's done things for you or your family. (If you are younger, a picture says a thousand words.) Instead of a letter or drawing, you could offer your mail carrier some lemonade on a hot day, or you and a group of friends could go to your local fire department and wash their fire truck. Be creative.

Expert Level

  • Do something to show your appreciation for your family. Help your parents make dinner; have a day of helping with your younger siblings; give a special gift to your older siblings or your grandparents; or do other things that show how much you appreciate them.

January, 2010 Edition