MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Garden Gate

7. Farmyard to Kitchen

Beginner Level

  • Learn about: What animals produce eggs, and what animals produce dairy? What makes eggs and dairy so good for you? What kinds of things do we eat that are made from eggs and dairy?
  • Use organic farm eggs when cooking for a week. Try cream-top cow milk (if available) or organic whole milk for a week. Try sheep or goat’s milk as an alternative.

Intermediate Level

  • Learn about two different varieties of chickens. What do the chicks look like, and what will they look like when they’re all grown up? What color eggs will they lay?
  • Learn about two kinds of dairy animals (cows, sheep, goats). What do the calves, lambs, or kids look like? What will they look like grown up? How long does it take before they can become a milking animal?
  • Try one new type of diary or egg product a week for four weeks. Report what you liked and didn’t like.

Expert Level

  • With the help of a parent, a relative, or your mentoring Sister, raise some chicks yourself. Learn about their habits and watch them grow up. Learn to take care of them and eventually provide eggs for your own kitchen. If you already have chickens, teach a friend about raising them.
  • With the help of a parent, a relative, or your mentoring Sister, find a way to learn to milk a dairy animal. Many farmers will be glad to teach you. If you already know how to milk, teach someone else how to do it.
  • Learn to make your own butter.

February, 2016 Edition