MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Garden Gate

3. Horsing Around

Beginner Level

  • With the assistance of your mentoring Sister or your parents, drive or walk around your town, county, or neighborhood taking time to admire the horses in the area.
  • Take photos of what you see (if you can). If you cannot, then draw pictures of what you saw.

Intermediate Level

  • Go to your local library and thumb through books about horses. Choose your favorite breed and write down the name of the breed and the reason you have chosen it.

Expert Level

  • Give yourself the opportunity to “meet” a horse. You might do so by asking for help from a neighbor, a farmgirl you know, a local 4-H, or a riding club.
  • Then report to your family, school or homeschool club, local Farmgirl Chapter, or Young Cultivators group about your experience.
  • If you own a horse, offer to make your horse available to others who do not have one, and to tell them all about it.

January, 2010 Edition