MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Farmgirl Legends

4. Chapter Leader


  • A Chapter Leader is a Farmgirl Sisterhood member who has started her own official Farmgirl Chapter and has recruited at least five new farmgirls to the Farmgirl Sisterhood. She must also complete the Farmgirl Spirit merit badge.
  • Once she has fulfilled the above requirements, she must then send an e-mail to alerting us that she’s eligible to become a Chapter Leader by listing the members she recruited and the name of her Chapter. When approved, she will be awarded a certificate and the title of Chapter Leader will be applied to her Farmgirl Connection chatroom ID.
  • A Chapter Leader may retire from her position after a year, but the new Chapter Leader must recruit five new members to be eligible for the badge. The new Chapter Leader may begin recruiting before assuming the position.

April, 2024 Edition