MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Farmgirl Legends

1. Schoolmarm


  • A Schoolmarm is a Farmgirl Sisterhood member who has completed all the badge requirements in any one section. For example, in Each Other, she would need to complete the beginner, intermediate, and expert levels in Community Service, Community Action, Public Service, Lend a Hand to Families, and so on for each category in Each Other.
  • Once she has earned badges for a complete section, she must then send an email to alerting us that she’s eligible to become a Schoolmarm. When approved, she will be awarded a certificate and the title of Schoolmarm will be applied to her Farmgirl Connection chatroom ID.
  • To keep this status, a Schoolmarm will need to keep her Sisterhood membership up to date and complete any new badges created in that section within 6 months (new badges are added at the beginning of the year).

April, 2024 Edition