MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Cleaning Up

1. Trash Talk

Beginner Level

  • With the help of your mentoring Sister or an adult, talk with your local agencies to see what items your city will recycle, where the drop-off stations are, or if they offer curbside pick up.
  • In a journal or notebook, write down what you find.

Intermediate Level

  • Set up a recycling center in your home to help your family easily sort out their recyclables. Properly label each bin so that they are easy to identify. Labeling can be either words or pictures.

Expert Level

  • If you live in a county that pays for recycled bottles and cans, start a savings account from the money earned.
  • Give a report to your family, a school or homeschool club, a local Farmgirl Chapter, or a Young Cultivators group discussing the steps you have taken for this badge, and what you learned in the process, including whether your county pays for recycled materials or not.

January, 2010 Edition