MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Each Other

6. Badgered for Books

Beginner Level

  • Have a parent sign you up for your own library card. If you already have one, use it to check out five new books.
  • What do you like about your new books? Do they rhyme? Are the illustrations good? In your opinion, what makes a good book? Write down or discuss your answers with your farmgirl mentor.
  • Keep track of the books you've read on your own and the ones your parents read aloud to you.

Intermediate Level

  • Organize your family's book collection. You can alphabetize them or arrange them according to color or subject.
  • Loan out a favorite book to a friend, but remember to write your name and phone number in it first.
  • Read three books: one fairytale or mythology story, one fiction, and one that is based on a true story or character.

Expert Level

  • Have a book party or start your very own book club. Invite your friends with homemade invitations and encourage everyone to dress as their favorite book character. See if you can guess one another's costume idea.
  • Read five new books.
  • Write a book report/review about your favorite or least favorite book you've read so far.

January, 2018 Edition