MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Garden Gate

8. Grow Forth

Beginner Level

  • Write down five local food businesses that make your life easier or more fun.
  • Think about a food business you’d like to start with the help of your mentor. Will you sell something you baked, grew, or made?

Intermediate Level

  • With the help of your mentor, tackle everything legal about your business idea. How much will it cost to start your business? Where will you sell your food item(s)? Farmers’ markets are a great place to experience your first business and learn about transactions and customer service.
  • Get your funding in place. Print up business cards. If you need packaging and labeling, explore your options and then go for it!

Expert Level

  • With the help your mentor, pick a date for the grand opening to launch your business. Contact your friends to make sure they show up to support you on your first day in business.
  • After your first day in business, discuss with your mentor what you did right and what needs to be improved upon. Figure out if you made any money, or if not, how long it will before you show a profit.
  • Write down what you’d like to do with the money you earn.

February, 2016 Edition