MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood

Earning Young Cultivator Merit Badges

Make it Easy

6. Bejeweled

Beginner Level

  • Begin a small collection of beads, string, and other jewelry-making tools. Necklaces might be the easiest, but don't forget about earrings, anklets, bracelets, even belts.

Intermediate Level

  • Make sure your supplies are well-organized. You can separate your things in small, clean baby-food jars, or in plastic bins, or even in a makeup tray or fishing-tackle box.
  • Make one necklace, one bracelet, and one pair of earrings.

Expert Level

  • Experiment with different types of clasps and string/wire. What is your favorite to work with?
  • Make three different types of jewelry projects and give them as gifts.
  • Offer your jewelry-making services for a small fee (friends, family, farmers' markets). Use your profits to replenish your bead supply.

January, 2018 Edition